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A stump removal service is the last step in eliminating a tree or shrub. Tree stump removal does not just involve removing the stump from the ground, but it also requires removing the roots. Heavy-duty equipment is needed to perform this service.

Tree stumps are not only unattractive; they may also be harmful to your landscape and property. Left-over stumps can take years to rot or decay, increasing the danger of injury. Stumps also raise the hazards with cave-in or sinkhole issues. Some trees may even show signs of regrowth.

Problems With Tree Stumps

Do you ever think about what happens to a tree stump after you have it removed? You might think it would decay eventually and decompose by itself. Yes, this might be possible, but it takes years before a tree stump decomposes. A tree stump takes 3-8 years to crumble. Softer trees like Pine trees take less time to decay, but hardwood can take decades.

The disadvantage of leaving a stump behind after tree removal is that it still takes nutrients out from the other healthy trees and plants around it. Not only that, you are giving pests, insects, and other organisms a home, which might pose a risk to your kids and pets.

Why Should A Tree Stump Be Removed?


First of all, a stump looks unappealing to any yard or landscape. No matter how beautiful a yard may look, once a stump is on sight, it will look unpleasant.


If you have small children in your family or the neighborhood, having stumps on your property might be a hazard as they play in the yard. Running kids may trip over a stump. Negligence can also put you at risk for a lawsuit if a child or a visitor will sustain injuries due to the stump.

Insects and Fungi

Fungi, diseases, and pest attacks are common issues with stumps. Tree removal usually leaves an ugly stump behind. Since tree stumps can grow fungi, it can be dangerous for children, pests, and other plants in your yard too. It is best to get the entire stump removed to prevent decay, mold, or infected wood from spreading. The health of your yard depends on it.


Tree stumps may take up yard space, especially when the tree removed was a big one. On the other hand, a big stump can limit what you can do in your yard.


When a stump is left, the roots may still absorb water from the ground, allowing the roots to spread. Hiring a professional to remove these roots is the best way to ensure that these roots would not grow and expand. Also, roots may penetrate existing cracks in foundations.

Can I plant a new tree on the previous location of the stump?

After having a tree and stump removed, sawdust and roots can be left behind. It is possible to plant a new tree in the same area, but you have to remove as many roots as possible and sawdust since it can be an obstacle for new trees.

First, dig out an area three times the size of the new tree’s root ball. Next, transplant a tree in that spot. If there are roots left from the old tree, you can plant the new tree approximately 3 feet away, giving it adequate room for the roots to develop. Fill the hole with healthy soil. It would be preferable to mound the soil before planting a new tree.

Planting a new tree in an old location is possible but would need a lot of steps. If you are up for it, a tree care expert can always provide the necessary help. Contact us!

Benefits Of Hiring A Tree Stump Removal Service

If you have reached this part and still cannot decide if you need to hire a tree care expert service? Let us enlighten you about why hiring a stump removal service is beneficial.


Wouldn’t it be safe if someone professional would do a tedious job for you? Stumps are considered a hazard in the yard. Consider the possibility of getting tripped, but they can also be a home for pests and fungi.

No Need To Purchase Tools

Tools are expensive! Not to mention the storage it will require might take too much space in your home. When you hire us, we have the appropriate tools and equipment. You don’t have to worry about buying anything or storing any tools afterward.

Save Time

Your time is valuable. You could use your time for other things that matter more and be stress-free if you consider hiring a tree stump removal service.

Save Money

When you hire a tree stump removal service, you will save money! You don’t have to buy any materials or tools for your tree stump removal project. It can also prevent stump-related accidents and plant diseases that can lead to more expenses in the future.

Another benefit? We provide a free quote! Contact 3B Trees today, and our representatives will be ready to help you arrange your tree stump removal project.

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