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3B Tree is your number one choice in tree services. At 3B Tree, we offer tree trimming, stump grinding, and tree removal services. With our knowledge and expertise, we will maintain the health of your trees and the great aesthetics of your landscape or yard.

Why You Need A Professional Tree Service

Trees need proper care to keep them healthy and strong. On the other hand, trees need to have dead, dying, and weak limbs and branches pruned away to keep them in pristine condition. Pests and other diseases might harm your trees if you neglect to take care of them. Did you know that mature trees help protect the community against landslides and flash floods?

3B Tree

Quality Tree Care Service

At 3B Tree, we offer top-notch tree services. We are honest when it comes to our recommendations. Our professional experience has made us the number one choice for tree removal, tree trimmings, stump removal, stump grinding including plant care. 

Our Services

Tree Removal Services

Tree Trimming Services

Tree trimming is one of the most common tree care procedures. The purpose of tree pruning is to remove dead branches, increase air and sunlight.

Stump Removal Service

When insects, diseases, or natural events cause trees or shrubs to be damaged or die, they become unappealing. Stump removal is a risky task carried out by trained personnel with the necessary equipment

Stump Grinding Services

Stump grinding will ensure that the tree stump will not resprout. The only difference from stump removal is the root is left to decay. Stump grinding is the most efficient and fast way to remove tree stumps.

Selective Cutting Services

Selective cutting entails harvesting only a small number of trees that fulfill a set of requirements in maturity, height, size, and tree health.

How To Tell If A Tree Is Dangerous

Each year, falling trees or branches result in unfortunate events like deaths, fatalities, and property destruction worth millions of dollars. While perhaps the initial idea to get rid of a tree due to safety reasons could not be the smartest choice feasible.

Yes, there might be several reasons to remove a tree but have you weighed its potential benefits? A single tree can add thousands of dollars to the worth of your home. How about its great economic value? It can save you hundreds of dollars in air conditioning costs per year. Not to mention the many advantages a beautiful tree provides to your quality of life.

Some of the signs that you should be watchful about:

  • When the tree seems to be in a leaning position
  • There are dead or broken branches
  • When there are sections of the tree that has no leaves
  • When the trunk area has an opening or cavity near the ground

When you observe these signs, do not hesitate to contact 3B Tree. The best way to assess a tree is to hire an expert arborist. There are some problems that untrained individuals may not see. They can also provide realistic recommendations on whether a tree is worth keeping or not.

Why Choose 3B Tree?

Working with trees is dangerous. Hiring certified, licensed, and equipped professionals for your tree work is the best way to go! We want to ensure that we provide the best quality work for you, and our team consists of:

  • Certified Arborists
  • Tree Experts
  • Trained Tree Climbers

What sets us apart is we are confident that we can provide safe and secure tree care work for our clients. Working with trees is hazardous. Only skilled, certified, licensed, and equipped to work safely with trees can do some tree work. We are a locally owned business that provides excellent service. You can rely on us 100%.

Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Tree Service Provider

Proper Tree Care

Because we know what we are doing, we will use all our knowledge to ensure that we will be providing the best treatment for your trees.

Immediate Tree Recovery

Trees give a sense of home. It helps improve air quality, stormwater reduction, and admittedly can make you happier. If people have emergencies, trees also do.

Aesthetic Appeal

Having trees on your land adds aesthetic value, provides a habitat for local wildlife, and boosts the energy efficiency of surrounding structures. Trees, on the other hand, require some maintenance.

Safety And Security

We don't just protect your property, but most importantly, we protect our personnel too. We ensure that our people are wearing their protective gear while they work. Our specialized training also honed our staff.

24/7 Quick Response

Never underestimate a storm. Trees are vulnerable to severe damage when there is a lot of wind and lightning. You need assistance right away if a tree has been damaged by wind or lightning, causing harm to your house or land. In your time of need, 3B Tree operates 24/7! We guarantee a prompt response and efficient tree removal.

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