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Trees provide beauty and a valuable part of our environment. Many homeowners value their trees and do everything possible to keep them safe. 3B Tree is also committed to delivering preventative maintenance. As long as the tree is healthy, we would never eliminate any tree.

Instead, we will give recommendations on how to resolve any issues regarding the tree. Despite all efforts in keeping a tree because of its countless benefits and beauty, there are times when tree removal is the last option. We can remove dead trees, leaning trees, diseased trees, or damaged trees due to their safety hazard.

Significance Of Tree Removal

Tree removal is essential to prevent dying trees or branches from falling into power lines, roofs, cars, and people. As professional tree experts, we will assess your property and identify trees that need removal.

Also, trees can lift and damage concrete structures that can lead to severe damage. When you remove unsightly trees, you will have a better view of your natural surroundings and improve the curb appeal of your property.

Tree health

A tree contributes to the beauty of the environment, and there is no question about that. That is why we cannot just remove a tree, especially when the tree is in a healthy state. Tree disease is a significant cause of tree mortality. You may not realize a tree is ill until it shows evident signs.

If you have a diseased tree, you can have it checked as soon as possible to apply the proper treatment before it becomes too late. But when a tree is beyond repair, it is always safer to remove it right away. Prevent disease from spreading to other trees and protect your home from falling branches.

Encroaching Trees

Since trees are living things, their impact on their environment changes as they grow. Moreover, growing branches of encroaching trees can obstruct power lines or other utilities. Trees that trigger these issues are the ones often removed.

Structural Damage

Unfortunately, even healthy trees are subject to inevitable harm. Natural events like lightning can harm trees. Storms, fungal infections, being damaged by a car or heavy machinery, and lack of nutrients are also other potential causes of damage. You will need to assess the situation once again to see how you can save the tree.

Tree Removal Steps

Removing a tree is not easy! You would need heavy equipment for it. Investing in those tools will cost you big bucks. When you work with 3B Tree for your tree removal is the smartest choice since we have the proper tools and equipment, and we are highly knowledgeable about trees.

Before we cut the tree, we make sure the area is clear. When cutting the tree, we always ensure that there should be ample space for its body to fall on the ground. It is essential to measure the tree and check if there is no obstruction or any property that might be damaged.

We will examine the tree. We will observe where the tree naturally leans; this will aid in determining the best direction for it to fall. We will set up one or more escape routes. We will ensure a clear path to run in the opposite direction if the tree starts to drop out of control. We will keep an eye out for any clear areas around the tree and be ready for anything.

Tools preparation. We will assess the tree size and decide on the equipment. We will use a chainsaw if the tree is large. Tree removal is a tedious task. Never perform a do-it-yourself tree removal project if you do not have the experience and equipment. Do not hesitate to call 3B Tree today!

What’s Involved In The Tree Removal Process?

We provide professional and complete tree removal services while being sure to comply with the law and regulations. Here’s our process:

  1. Assess the tree and give you a quote
  2. Measure and study where the tree would fall
  3. Chopping away branches
  4. Cutting the trunk into smaller parts
  5. Cut the whole tree up until it’s left to a stump

Do I Need To Secure A Permit When Cutting A Tree?

Almost every city requires a permit for tree removal. For permit requirements, fill up an application and pay a fee according to your local government rates. Also, you can remove a dead tree without permission. But it’s best to check with the local government for the regulations before a tree removal service.

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